Features in more detail

Elastic Courses

Host an unlimited number of courses

You can have as many courses in elasticLearning as you like - you pay per course.

Track your learners' progress

elasticLearning records the progress of your learners as they follow courses published as standards-compliant, learning materials. But it can also track access to simple documents. So whether you need to record learners' success in their educational programmes, or ensure that people have accessed required reading, elasticLearning provides the tools you need. And elasticLearning is backed by SkillSet's expert services and support and AWS's cloud infrastructure.

View your learners' activity

Using elasticLearning's built-in dashboards, authorised users can view learners' activity. They can see;
  • when courses were accessed,
  • how much time was spent on them,
  • whether courses have been completed,
  • whether learners passed or failed tests.

Send periodic reminders

Some courses need to be repeated on a regular basis. This is typical for courses that need to be taken to meet compliance requirements. Using elasticLearning, you can configure reminders to be sent automatically to your learners. Options include repeating the course annually, on a fixed date, or after a specific period of time has elapsed.

Include custom data for tracking/reporting (optional extension)

By taking advantage of our customisation services, you can include additional information about your users in the reports generated by elasticLearning. This might be taken from your on-premises directory, but could also come from other sources.


Support an unlimited number of users

Subject to our fair use policy, you can have as many users of elasticLearning as you like. This gives you security of knowing, up-front, what the service will cost.

Control access

elasticLearning's security allows you to ensure that only the users you want to access the learning content can do so.


Customise your pages

The look and field of elasticLearning's standard, built-in pages, for registration, login and course catalogues, can be customised to be consistent with your brand. And this customisation is far simpler than setting up a full LMS, or creating a branded web site.

Provide consistent performance for your learners

elasticLearning is just that; elastic. It scales up and down dynamically,according to demand, meaning consistent performance for your learners, regardless of how many are using it.

Access your data securely

elasticLearning gives you secure access to your data. Not only can you download your information from the dashboards, you can also access it via our secure API. This allows you to write apps, or other styles of integration to pull your data and use it in your other systems.

Achieve true global reach (optional extension)

If you need to make courses available to a global audience, elasticLearning can help. Using a planet-spanning, content delivery network (CDN), available as an optional extension, learners anywhere in the world can access your materials and receive the same user experience and performance.


ISO27001 - secure

elasticLearning is hosted in AWS's ISO27001 accredited data centres and is operated by SkillSet, an ISO27001 accredited organisation. As a result, you can be sure that your users' data is safe and secure.