Learning Management without the System

elasticLearning is a hosted service, based on lightweight, serverless technologies. It allows you to deliver your learning materials and compliance documents to your users, and to follow their progress.

The main benefit of elasticLearning for us is the ease-of-use, allowing staff to complete the course at a time that suits them and – at their own pace.

Sue MacSwan, Office of Rail and Road

Key Features


elasticLearning allows you to brand the pages your users access for registration, logging in and viewing your learning content catalogue. You can also customise the data collected from your users during registration, and have it included in reports.

All this, without the cost and complexity involved in building, configuring and operating your own learning management system (LMS), or branded web site.


Using elasticLearning's built-in dashboards, you can follow your users' progress. You can see;

  • when users accessed courses and documents,
  • how much time they spent,
  • whether learners passed or failed tests.

Rapid Implementation

elasticLearning makes it easy for you to make your learning content available to your users. You no longer need to find servers, install a learning management system, or worry about creating a web site. Customisation is rapid and simple, saving you time and effort in getting up and running with a fully branded site for your learning content.

Fixed Cost

With elasticLearning you can have certainty over your costs. You don’t even need to worry about how many users are accessing your content. Subject to our fair use policy, you can open your site to as many users as you like. Budget with confidence, knowing up-front what the service will cost.

Dynamic Scalability

elasticLearning scales to meet your needs, meaning you never need to worry about slow response times. No more concerns about the size of the systems that you need to run to accommodate spikes in usage. elasticLearning dynamically adds resources when they are needed, ensuring your users get a consistent experience.

Learning Content

elasticLearning supports standards-compliant learning materials, including the widely used SCORM formats. It also supports typical document formats, allowing you to host your compliance material.

Ready in 4 steps


Call or email us to get a no-obligation quote, based on the number of courses you have, not the number of users.


Based on your branding guidelines and requirements, we create a customised pages, in elasticLearning, for log-in and registration, and for your learning content catalogue.


You provide us with the learning content you want us to host, and we load it into elasticLearning for you.

Start learning

Your users access your learning content in elasticLearning. You can monitor their progress using elasticLearning's dashboards.

About elasticLearning

Our customers often say to us that they have learning content that they want to deploy rapidly and securely. Sometimes their content is standards-compliant, learning material, such as SCORM packs. Sometimes it is videos or PDF documents. They want to make the content available to their staff, customers, suppliers, and partners. They also want to track and report on how many people have accessed the materials. If there is an assessment, they want to know who has passed. This rules out the use of a solution such as SharePoint, or a simple web-server.

What they don't want is the complexity and overhead of needing to install, configure and operate a learning management system (LMS).

Enter elasticLearning. Built on cloud-based, ‘serverless’ technologies, elasticLearning is a standards-compliant, low cost, scalable, highly reliable and secure hosting solution on which you can rapidly deploy your learning modules, and make them available to a global audience. You pay per module, not per user. We provide you with a branded pages for your organisation’s content. Your managers are able to report on learner activity through elasticLearning’s dashboards.

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